About SurgCX

Our Team

Sean Dublin

CEO and Channel Sales

After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Sean has dedicated himself to being a professional IT salesman since 2001. Sean has worked on extinct technology, proven technology and emerging technology, seemly all on the same day in certain cases.

  • His focus and vision of what was possible changed when he started his career at Masergy Communications. Working with Fortune 300 customers on some of the most cutting-edge connectivity options on the planet was just the beginning.

    After building a successful Channel Program at Aryaka Networks, arguably the world’s first SD-WAN provider, he looked forward to solving his customers’ unique technical challenges with ALL the options available to us today. He accomplished this simply with a single supplier he happened to work for, not with a product.

Mike Ferguson

EVP Operations

Mr. Ferguson is the co-founder of SurgCX and President of SurgCX Warehouse. Prior to co-founding SurgCX, Mr. Ferguson was President/CEO of Groundswell Technology Group, a Telecom and IT Consulting Brokerage providing technical solutions and concentrating on sales strategies to mid-market and enterprise clients.

  • Prior to Groundswell Technology Group, Mr. Ferguson led the Purchasing Division and was Senior Buyer of a leading Equipment Reseller PacketBase. Mr. Ferguson has over 20 years’ experience working in the technology industry.

The SurgCX Story

The Founders and Strategic Advisors for SurgCX have almost 100 years combined experience selling Voice products in a variety of Channels with a unique understanding of both the Suppliers and Partners perspectives. Our goal is to bring Suppliers and Partners together to ensure a seamless hardware procurement process to avoid challenges with hardware interoperability or missed customer expectations. With a firm understanding of UCaaS, CCaaS and Collaboration environments we are now able to provide you with expert advice on all available voice technology to support those seats and services.

In addition to the multitude of voice services available, we’ve taken advantage of a brief moment in time where voice hardware technology has become a necessary evil instead of a value add. In response, we’ve created a completely outsourced procurement and provisioning model for Suppliers and Partners to leverage, maximize and monetize as if it was their own. We understand the challenges with consistent, competitive pricing and the global procurement challenges that come with bulk ordering of these products. Let us show you the SurgCX difference. Our obsession with the customer experience is now your greatest competitive advantage.