Cloud Collaboration

Cloud Collaboration – The New Voice Solution?

Cloud, Hyperscale & Collaboration

SurgCX understands the importance of discussions around the “cloud,” especially in today’s ever-evolving IT world. Partnering with the partners and suppliers that specialize in managed hosting, private or public cloud offerings and providing a plan of attack integrating them properly as hybrid environments, allows us to customize a solution right for you. These discussions are happening today with every company, large or small, and it’s our responsibility to understand the suppliers, the technology, and costs to ensure when you need a Cloud Collaboration hardware expert, we’ll be ready!


What Is Cloud Collaboration?

Cloud collaboration is a type of enterprise collaboration that allows employees to work together on documents and other data types, which are stored off-premises and outside of the company firewall. Employees use a cloud-based collaboration platform to share, edit and work together on projects. Cloud collaboration enables two or more people to work on a project at once.

Where Does It Start?

A cloud collaboration project begins when one user creates the file or document and then gives access to certain individuals; for example, the project creator may share a link to the project that allows others to view and edit it. Users can make changes to the document at any time, including when employees are viewing and working simultaneously. All changes are saved and synced so every user sees the same version of the project.

Why Cloud?

Cloud collaboration has become more sophisticated as vendors try to attract customers. It is common for a collaboration tool to include a way for project participants to see who else is viewing the document and to communicate with each other while working, such as through comments or a chat function. Tools also often allow users to set up email alerts for when a file is changed. These and other functions help increase worker efficiency and productivity.

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