Buy Backs, Handsets and Headsets.

SURGCX-WAREHOUSE – The Channel’s First Self Service Voice Hardware Portal

SurgCX has built the Channel’s first self-service voice hardware portal. We proudly introduce the SurgCX-Warehouse for all your customers hardware needs. Whether monetizing displaced IT equipment (buy backs) or looking for the lowest price handset and headsets available, SurgCX-Warehouse has you covered.

CREATE A PARTNER ACCOUNT HERE to see pricing, receive quotes and be entered into unique sales contests that continue to reward your hardware sales. The entire process takes less than 1 minute to join.

IT Hardware Buy Back’s

Our value in the hardware space doesn’t start at procuring new phones or headsets, it begins with assisting your customer capture as much value as possible from their displaced IT hardware with our unique IT Hardware Buy Back platform. We buy excess and/or retired IT hardware displaced by a new cloud deployment. We turn displaced gear into cash and credits to reduce your new Cloud platforms ROI.


We source both NEW and REFURBISHED options on manufacturers including, but not limited to: Poly, Yealink, Avaya, Cisco, and Mitel and more. All refurbished units include an extended warranty at no additional cost.