SurgCX Announces Merger with Groundswell Technology Group Inc and the Celtic Holding Company

SurgCX Announces Merger with Groundswell Technology Group Inc and the Celtic Holding Company

SurgCX Announces Merger with Groundswell Technology Group Inc and the Celtic Holding Company 1080 810 SurgCX

SAN FRANCISCO (January 4, 2021) – SurgCX, the first commission based Equipment Portal in the Channel, has announced a merger with Groundswell Technology Group and the Celtic Holding Company, resulting in hundreds of their Agents and Reps having access to the SurgCX – Warehouse Equipment Portal.

“Groundswell and Celtic will give us a strong presence in the Channel space with their built in Agent and Rep Equipment program. We anticipate over 1,000 Agents selling and getting paid commission on our portal by the end of 2021. We allow organizations to white label and brand the portal, customizing their own Equipment platform for their Agents and Reps. Groundswell and Celtic will be key to us in leveraging their strong relationships in the channel,” said SurgCX CEO Sean Dublin.

Groundswell Technology Group and the Celtic Holding Company has over 1,000 customers and 200 Agents and Reps in both Equipment Sales and Buyback Equipment business. The client list is mostly Fortune 500 such as Sotheby’s, Intel, Amgen, WeWork, AmerisourceBergen, and Alaska Airlines…to name a few.

SurgCX Warehouse (DaaS – Device as a Service) is a commission based Equipment Portal for Agents and Reps servicing the Telecom and IT world. SurgCX created a portal for Agents and Reps to Create Their Own Account to Register Deals in selling office phones, headsets, and IT Equipment. The goal is to provide unique and creative programs to lower the equipment cost to the customer. SurgCX Warehouse works with the Providers in provisioning the phones for the customer and offers consulting services.

SurgCX Warehouse offers a buyback program to customers for replacement equipment. Agents and Reps register a list of equipment the customer would like to sell. SurgCX Warehouse will put a value on the equipment. Agents and Reps can provide their customers a buyback price and offer the customer a purchase credit through the portal or process a check.

“I’m excited to provide our Agents and Reps with an innovative way to WIN every purchasing sale, review a history of all transactions, get paid a commission for each transaction and participate in National Sales Contests. SurgCX Warehouse provides unique programs both for new and refurb equipment and delivers equipment next day. Headsets are important in our business today with many of our clients moving to work remote. SurgCX Warehouse has access to the best pricing and availability. Our Provider Rep clients may select to offer their commission to their preferred charity for donation in their name and get the Tax Write Off since most Provider’s restrict commissions by outside vendor; SurgCX Warehouse will match the donation. That is a GREAT option for our Provider Reps. And it’s a way for our Provider Reps to participate,” said Mike Ferguson, CEO/President of Groundswell Technology Group. For more information, SurgCX can be reached at (415) 602-0297 or on the Web at


About SurgCX

SurgCX was born in the Channel with a single purpose, to assist the Voice Community, create an enhanced and repeatable sales experience in every aspect of a UCaaS/CCaaS/Collaboration
sale. In addition to the voice services, they have taken advantage of a brief moment in time where voice hardware technology has become a necessary evil instead of a value add. In response, they’ve created a completely outsourced procurement and provisioning model for Suppliers and Partners to leverage, maximize and monetize as if it was their own.

About Groundswell Technology Group

Groundswell Technology Group provides Agents and Provider Reps with Telecom and IT Equipment/Devices. Groundswell has an Equipment Buyback Division allowing customers to sell their replacement equipment.

About Celtic Holding

Celtic Holding is a Telecom and IT consulting brokerage providing technical solutions and concentrating on sales strategies to mid-market and enterprise clients.