SurgCX Launches New Version of SurgCX Warehouse: Simplifies Hardware Buying and Selling Process

SurgCX Launches New Version of SurgCX Warehouse: Simplifies Hardware Buying and Selling Process

SurgCX Launches New Version of SurgCX Warehouse: Simplifies Hardware Buying and Selling Process 1800 949 SurgCX

WHITEFISH, MT / SAUSOLITO, CA / WEST PALM BEACH, FL – SurgCX, the industry’s first online equipment sourcing platform for the equipment that enterprises need to power today’s cutting edge voice, cloud, and IT services, announced today the launch of SurgCX Warehouse, a more powerful and easier to use portal for partners and provider representatives.

SurgCX was the first company in the channel to build an agent/partner and vendor sales rep-facing voice and IT equipment sales portal, empowering users to be able to add hardware to their portfolio, enabling them to sell total solutions to their customers and monetize hardware without the hassle.

Powerful new features were also added to the platform, giving users the tools they need to be successful, including deal registration, deal monitoring and light CRM functionality for tracking deal milestones so users have increased visibility and control of the process when co-selling or simply referring leads to the expert hardware consultants at SurgCX.

“The goal of this new release of SurgCX Warehouse was two-fold: First, we wanted to democratize hardware distribution so fewer customers were left to fend for themselves when finding the hardware they need for their services. We did this by disrupting and democratizing the traditional equipment sales process with a more powerful and easier to use portal and pricing enhanced sales support. says SurgCX CEO and Channel Sales representative Sean Dublin. “And second, we wanted to ensure partners and vendor sales are well compensated and supported so they benefit from selling a total solution, make margin on all of the equipment that is being procured anyway, and give their customers a one-stop show without don’t diluting their core competencies.”

To that end, SurgCX has also rolled out members-only benefits to users and opportunities for commission on previously low margin hardware, further demonstrating their commitment to making equipment a ubiquitous and lucrative add-on for partners and vendor sales reps.

With supply chain issues rendering vital equipment unattainable, channel partners are unable to close and complete UCaaS deals, leading to frustration for both the customer and the partner. Typically, providers and partners are forced to direct their clients to third parties, even Amazon and eBay, to acquire the equipment necessary for UCaaS procurement.

“We were looking for a simple, effective way for our agents to source Voice Devices to our customers. SurgCX carried both new and refurbished equipment programs, and our agents get paid commission on every phone or handset sold,” Brian Miller, Cofounder at BridgePointe Technologies recounted in a review. “We’ve been able to white label the portal to match our corporate brand. It’s a great partnership.”

Those interested in building commission, streamlining deals, and elevating the hardware experience with SurgCX should visit their contact page to get in touch.

BOILERPLATE: SurgCX was born in the Channel with a single purpose, to assist the Voice Community by creating an enhanced and repeatable sales experience in every aspect of a UCaaS/CCaaS/Collaboration sale. As a result, SurgCX created a completely outsourced procurement and provisioning model for Suppliers and Partners to leverage, maximize and monetize as if it was their own.

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