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Have You Discussed Voice Hardware Yet?

If your clients are still managing a premise based phone system (PBX) or legacy trunking, you handle the services, we’ll help you on the hardware.

Implement A Hardware Procurement Portal That Grows With Your Business

Your Brokerage or Agency is unique, diverse and constantly evolving, and so are the customers you serve. Your clients and customers need an efficient and effective way to procure voice hardware. You and your team will be more productive with a communications hardware partner that understands the nuances between providers and suppliers and works proactively to avoid the possibility of missed expectations along the way.


Your Voice Options

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

As a cloud technology, UCaaS offers unbeatable scalability and flexibility for organizations that need to be able to accelerate quickly and embrace innovation fast. UCaaS can also be a particularly useful option for companies that need to quickly remove and add new employees to their environment. Cloud-based enterprise communications allow for the easy onboarding or removal of staff, without any major infrastructure changes.

What’s more, cloud technology can also deliver a more consistent user experience for remote workers, mobile employees, and those who prefer to work on different devices, because tools remain the same regardless of those factors.

As digital transformation continues and new solutions like AI and machine learning enter the marketplace, UCaaS vendors are increasingly adding new solutions into their cloud platforms. Some vendors are even introducing CPaaS capabilities and APIs for businesses that want to build on top of their cloud services.

As the business world becomes more competitive, UCaaS allows for simplicity, innovation, and scalability on the cloud. But with more than 50 unique vendors, please take our word for it that we have done the due diligence, we know the value proposition for each and every one.

What is UCaaS? (Unified Communications as a Service)

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provides a cloud-based business communications system across multiple channels and devices. UCaaS combines phone service, video conferencing, team messaging, SMS, fax, and other communications tools on a single integrated cloud platform. It is designed to be accessed from any device – desktops, laptop/tablets, or mobile phones.

Benefits of UCaaS

Unifying communications in the cloud offers a wealth of benefits for workers and businesses in terms of productivity, ease of use, economic value, flexibility, and security. Because UCaaS is cloud-based, it enables businesses and IT departments to save money and achieve greater scalability, security, and reliability from business communications.

Better Economic’s

Other benefits of the cloud: you don’t have to procure space for hardware, worry about energy bills, or configure and manage your communications environment. In short, you incur no upfront expenses while enjoying greatly reduced operating costs. The keywords in UCaaS, after all, are “as a service,” which means you don’t have to hire additional IT support – and you can lease phones from the provider instead of purchasing. That means you can move upfront capital expenditures to a monthly operational expenditure. UCaaS billing also simplifies your accounting.


When built to scale globally, UCaaS solutions can support your organization anywhere. To accommodate your current and future needs, the cloud makes it easy to add phone lines and features for new employees and offices – with admins able to handle configurations on a dashboard.

Security and reliability

Cloud communications needs to be secure. Look for UCaaS providers that incorporate network security technologies as well as data encryption, HIPAA-compliance, protected file protection, and more. Their business is to guarantee both the safety of your data as well as your peace of mind. Because cloud communications providers offer defined service-level agreements (SLAs), you can also expect the highest levels of availability and continuity.

UCaaS user benefits

Simply put, UCaaS is built for a mobile, global, and distributed workforce – enabling your employees to work the way they want, anytime and anywhere they want. With UCaaS, employees can use any device (e.g., phone, computer, laptop, tablet) for voice, video, texting, conferencing, file sharing, etc.

Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions (CCaaS)

Provide advanced collaboration and communication tools that enhance the interaction with your customers and allows you to offer world-class customer support. Cloud Contact Center Solutions allow your business to have Contact Center agents and supervisors anywhere around the globe and communicate with customers via voice, email, chat, video and web over a highly secure, scalable platform that can significantly reduce capital and operational costs.

Customer Experience (CX) is now the most essential consideration for any business. In fact, it has been published that by 2025, over 80% of businesses will use CX as their primary consideration in purchasing voice technology.

The contact center forms the center of the interactions between companies and their customers, both internal and external. Unfortunately, the legacy contact center might not be as effective as it once was.

As your world continues to change and shift, and the needs of customers evolve, a traditional contact center makes it difficult to respond rapidly with the times. Clunky and expensive equipment can harm the agility of growing companies. On the other hand, cloud-based contact centers delivered through CCaaS makes rapid transformation much easier. And our ZERO COST voice consulting will make your decision even easier as well.

What is CCaaS, and How Does it Work?

CCaaS refers to Contact Center as a Service. This is a cloud-based strategy for delivering all the software that a company needs for its contact center, without the need for complex hardware or provisioning. CCaaS systems are often designed to work with the existing technology that you have in your business, as well as external devices, for remote workers.

CCaaS simplifies the process of building a future-ready contact center. Because you’re investing in a software solution on the cloud, your initial investment costs are often lower than they are with traditional contact centers. Additionally, the costs of maintain your environment are often easier to plan too, with pay-as-you-go pricing.

CCaaS technology also includes all of the essential tools that you would expect from any contact center, such as call routing, recording, and management systems.

But also provides options such as:

  • Call analytics and customer experience tracking
  • Call recording and management systems
  • Virtual assistants and artificial intelligence
  • Intelligent IVR and call routing
  • CRM integrations and other crucial extensions
  • Workforce optimization and management
Which CCaaS is right for me?

Once you’ve narrowed the choices down to just a couple of the top-performing CCaaS solutions available, then it’s time to put those choices head-to-head. CCaaS experts give you an insight into how two exceptional cloud-based tools perform, and what kind of businesses they might be best suited for.

While the exact features and functionality that you need for your business will vary, there are a few things that you might want to keep in mind as you compare your CCaaS solutions. For instance:

  • Reporting, visibility and analytics: Reporting and analytics are the best way to make sure that you have the information you need to facilitate on-going growth. Whether it’s reports on customer experience, or additional insights you’ll need a tool that gives you a complete overview of your environment.
  • Progressive, evolving technologies: The future is coming, whether you like it or not. Making sure that you’re prepared for new and transformative technologies could help your business to thrive.
  • Real time scalability: Make sure that any CCaaS environment you choose is capable of scaling and evolving to suit your ever-changing needs. Cloud contact centers are excellent for adding new people and seats to your team at any time.

We Are Your Hardware Procurement Partner!

You need a partner, not just some anonymous 3rd party AWS vendor  to finish off your customers transaction. Our experts will save you and your customers time, energy and money trying to figure out what  hardware endpoints are approved for each specific UCaaS or CCaaS supplier.  With every supplier nuance, there is potential to miss expectations. We have years of experience in this area and work closely with all of the top providers across the world to provide a positive and efficient hardware procurement experience.